I wrote some stuff!

This past weekend, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I finally moved a ton of documents from our old family computer onto my lap top. Among these really old documents were 7 full length (obviously unpublished and obviously in horrendous need of editing) YA  novels that I wrote in high school.

These novels prominently feature these themes:

1. First love

2. Angst

3. Family problems 

4. Ridiculous first names 

5. Outdated cultural references (WE STILL HAD CD PLAYERS IN 2004).

Now in high school I thought these stories were like, totally amazing, and although that may not be the case, most of my friends back then did seem to enjoy reading them.

And so that brings me to my main point: I thought it might be fun to release some of these stories for the potential enjoyment of now-high schoolers, or fans of angsty stories, or English majors looking for a good laugh… What I was wondering was, would anybody be interested in this? I would likely post them on a site like gumroad.com, and charge a dollar or two. I would also likely release the first two to three chapters somewhere so you could start it and see if you actually want to read more.

Let me know if you’d be interested, through a re-tumble or a likedy-like or a tweetledydeet or whatever type of communication you prefer. Your input makes me happy happy!